The one where your client states, I’m moving my business to “X Payroll Company”, not because I want to lose you as my broker, but because I need someone to help me comply with Section 6055 & 6056. 


The one where your client states, Thank you for the introduction to HCI!

Healthcare Compliance Inc. ® (HCI) is a broker-friendly company who will help you RETAIN your large group business.  Think about it from your client’s point of view. With 200 FT employees, a potential $50,000 penalty and a NEW REPORTING DEADLINE, they need a Section 6055 & 6056 solution NOW!

Don’t make a mistake by avoiding the ACA compliance conversation or neglecting to offer ACA compliance solutions. Clients always find what they need.  Call HCI today and you’ll no longer have the worries and fears of losing your large group business.