Our approach is not the “hired help” model of most of our competitors.  Each HCI Client is assigned a dedicated Team of ACA Experts.  Part of our team is the Best ACA Educator and National Speaker, Kaya Bromley, also an attorney, who has developed some of the best strategies for ALE compliance.  Part of our team is the Best ACA Product Specialist, Christina Marzec, creator of a highly specialized, ACA Compliant Group Health Product. Part of our team is the Best Coding Expert, Mario Santaferraro, who expertise in Offer of Coverage and Applicable 4980H Safe Harbor Codes, is beyond compare.  Part of our team is the Best ACA Business Consultant, Janet Mlynar, the founder of Healthcare Compliance Inc., Janet read the ACA Law cover to cover and brings decades of experience in the fields of financial planning, business consulting, ERISA law and employee benefits and, group health insurance.

Our approach is not the “thank you and see you next year” model like most of our competitors.   HCI Team Members meet with our clients to discuss strategic ideas that can actually generate significant cost savings.    HCI analyzed the 2015 Employer Data and determined that, on average, across all industries, HCI Clients could have saved $45,197 in 2015 had they been given the knowledge and assistance to properly implement specific ACA tools presently available to Large Employers (known as ALEs).   This client data, representing 34 EINs, came directly from analyzing the data we collected as part of the Form 1094 & 1095 process.  I know of no other competitor who offers this service.  The ACA for all its misgivings, actually offers some tools to help business owners manage health insurance expenses.  While not all of these tools may be applicable to every company, every company should know what is available.

Our approach is not the “we do only one thing” model like many of our competitors.  We actually work with our clients to assist with the many other ALE compliance requirements, some specific to the ACA and others specific to ERISA. Many ACA and ERISA compliance requirements are mandatory.  With 9,280 new IRS agents added to administer ACA mandates and with DOL stating that roughly 90% to 95% of U.S. companies are out of compliance with ERISA in at least one area, our clients need to be AUDIT-READY.   As we complete the first year of ALE compliance, evidence clearly shows the need for clients, brokers and general agencies to align themselves with compliance experts, like Healthcare Compliance Inc.