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  Assisting Large Employer’s with Group Health Compliance
as required by the ACA, DOL, ERISA & IRS

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Has Your IRS Form 1095-C SERVICE PROVIDER Contacted You About the
CODING Challenges that will affect the ACCURACY of your 2020 Filing?
EMPLOYEES Furloughed, Laid-off, On Medical Leave or Re-hired

Average Employee Expertise is 10 Years  ⇔   ACA Attorney On Staff

 We Know You Have Questions  ⇔  HCI has a 99% Accuracy Rate
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HCI reviewed an ACTUAL CLIENT’S 2019 IRS Forms 1095-C prepared by their Payroll Provider.
Healthcare Compliance Inc Findings:  a DISMAL 20% Accuracy Rate

HCI is OFFERING 10% – 30% Discounts for EARLY SIGN-UPS
AVOID IRS Red Flags  ⇔  ALLOW HCI to Review 2019 Filing  (≤ 500 IRS Forms 1095-C)

IRS Letter 226-J

This is the initial letter issued to Applicable Large Employers (ALEs) to notify them that they may be liable for an Employer Shared Responsibility Payment (ESRP). The determination of whether an ALE may be liable for an ESRP and the amount of the proposed ESRP in Letter 226-J are based on information from Forms 1094-C and 1095-C filed by the ALE and the individual income tax returns filed by the ALE’s employees.

IRS Form 14764 & 14765

This is the response form that the ALE completes to indicate its agreement with the penalty amount proposed by the IRS, or its disagreement with all or part of the proposed amount. If the ALE agrees with the proposed amount, it signs and returns the form in the envelope provided.

IRS Letter 5699

This notice is sent when the IRS believes your company is an ALE who failed to file and/or furnish ACA information by the mandated deadlines under IRC sections 6721/6722. This applies to employers with 50 or more FT + FTEs that should be filing ACA information annually. In Letter 5699, the IRS asks employers to confirm the name of the ALE used, the EIN, and the date of filing. It is a precursor to the possible issuance of ACA penalties to employers.


IRS Letter 5005-A

Failure to respond to Letter 5699 or to address any filing issues result in a formal penalty assessment being issued on a Letter 5005-A and a Form 886-A.


IRS Letter 972CG

The Notice 972CG proposes penalties under IRC section 6721 for late or incorrect filings.

IRS Form 886-A

Failure to respond to Letter 5699 or to address any filing issues result in a formal penalty assessment being issued on a Letter 5005-A and a Form 886-A.

IRS Audits of 2015 Forms 1094 & 1095

      Employers out of COMPLIANCE:    33,080

      PENALTY ERRORS Totaling:          $4.49 Billion

The Fee to Hire HEALTHCARE COMPLIANCE INC May Cost a Few Thousand Dollars

The Price of INTENTIONAL DISREGARD May Cost Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

Employers Beware of Intentional Disregard

2015:  IRS Identified 33,800 Employers with FORM Errors = $4.9 BILLION

♦  Intentional Disregard Means the Deadline(s) Were Missed WILLFULLY
♦  Financial Penalties for Intentional Disregard Have NO CEILING
♦  Filing LATE is Better Than Choosing Intentional Disregard
♦  ERs Responsible for Correcting Info on Current/Past Forms 1094-1095
♦  Employers Responsible to Implement ALL Aspects of ACA Compliance
♦  ERs Responsible to Know ACA Compliance is More Than Forms 1094-1095
◊  ACA Compliance Includes ACA & ERISA Group Health Plan Documents
◊  ACA Compliance Includes Tracking & Monthly Group Health Eligibility Reports 


“The HCI Proprietary Compliance System”
It Covers ALL the Bases
Compliance – Documents – Tracking – Forms

♦  HCI has 10 Years of Expertise-Knowledge about the Affordable Care Act
♦   HCI has a 98% Rate of Accuracy on Work Product
♦   HCI Seeks to Avoid IRS Red Flags – Seeking to Avoid Penalty Issues
♦   HCI Stands by our Clients and Will Defend our Work Product
♦   HCI Offers ACA Compliance Requirements most Employers IGNORE:
◊   ACA & ERISA Plan Documentation as required by ACA Law
◊   Monthly Group Health Eligibility Reporting – Preferred by the IRS – Tracking

Years Since ACA became LAW

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Why Choose Healthcare Compliance, Inc?

The HCI Approach Includes

Cost  ♦  Value ♦  Service

Compare COST verses VALUE
♦  Looking for the lowest cost product? Stop Here
♦  Looking for the best value?  Read On

Compare COST verses SERVICE
♦  Looking for a DIY software product?  Stop Here
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DIY Software lacks tools for full ACA Compliance
Product+Service+Personnel = full ACA Compliance

♦  Refer to Competitor Comparison Pricing Chart. HCI has few true competitors. We find that they make Promises that they either do NOT have the knowledge or personnel to fulfill.


The HCI System Includes

Products  ♦  Services  ♦  Personnel

♦  EXPERTISE:   HCI has unparalleled expertise.  Our founder, Janet Mlynar, actually read the law; hence HCI was one of the first to predict the creation of a new industry:  ACA Compliance.  

♦  DOCUMENTS:  HCI understood, the financial burden the ACA would place on Employers; hence HCI. along with our ACA-ERISA Legal Team created boiler-plate documents at a much lower price point.  

♦   AUDIT ASSISTANCE:  HCI retains the personnel to provide non-legal expertise and we retain the services of an ACA-ERISA Attorney to assist with IRS & ERISA Penalty Letters.  


The Nuts and Bolts of HCI Services


Signed HCI Engagement Letter
Dedicated HCI Team Member Relationship
1 hour Access to ACA Attorney & Experts
HCI Secure Email Communication Process
Employer Data Gathering
Ownership Analysis (affiliated & controlled)
Employee Data Gathering
Review/Prep ACA-DOL-ERISA Docs/Notices
Prep of EE Statements – IRS Form 1095
Dist of EE Statements – IRS Form 1095
Prep of ER Transmittal – IRS Form 1094
PDF Copies of IRS Forms 1094 & 1095
Correction Filings-New Info – IRS Rejections
Monthly FT Employee TRACKING per IRS
Compatible with all Payroll Systems
Monthly EE Group Health Eligibility Reports
HCI is Broker Friendly
Click Here for Pricing Comparison Chart


Access To ACA Attorney
Access to TAX Attorney
Referral for ACA Required Documents*
Referral for DOL Required Document*
Referral for ERISA Required Documents*
HCI prepares ACA Red Flag Reports
HCI offers ACA Audit Review & Prep

* These Documents Require the Services
of an ACA and/or ERISA Attorney


Assist Employer With IRS Form 1094 E-file
Review Past IRS Filings for Errors & Penalties
Filing Corrected IRS Forms 1094 & 1095
Consult on Letters/Forms on “B Penalties”
Consult on IRS Penalty Letters & Forms
Prepare Past IRS Forms 1094 & 1095 Filings
HCI Provides Forms-Only-Service
Assist Insurance Brokers with ACA Issues
HCI Provides ER Educational Webinars

HCI has worked with the Insurance Broker
Community for 10 years.  The Insurance
Industry does NOT allow Broker’s to advise
Clients on ACA Compliance, so referring HCI
to assist with your Client’s ACA needs is a
WIN for you, your client and HCI

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