Why Choose HCI?

Why Choose Healthcare Compliance, Inc?

The HCI Approach Includes

Cost  ♦  Value ♦  Service

Compare COST verses VALUE
♦  Looking for the lowest cost product? Stop Here
♦  Looking for the best value?  Read On

Compare COST verses SERVICE
♦  Looking for a DIY software product?  Stop Here
♦  Looking for full ACA Compliance?  Read On

DIY Software lacks tools for full ACA Compliance
Product+Service+Personnel = full ACA Compliance

♦  Refer to Competitor Comparison Pricing Chart. HCI has few true competitors. We find that they make Promises that they either do NOT have the knowledge or personnel to fulfill.


The HCI System Includes

Products  ♦  Services  ♦  Personnel

♦  EXPERTISE:   HCI has unparalleled expertise.  Our founder, Janet Mlynar, actually read the law; hence HCI was one of the first to predict the creation of a new industry:  ACA Compliance.  

♦  DOCUMENTS:  HCI understood, the financial burden the ACA would place on Employers; hence HCI. along with our ACA-ERISA Legal Team created boiler-plate documents at a much lower price point.  

♦   AUDIT ASSISTANCE:  HCI retains the personnel to provide non-legal expertise and we retain the services of an ACA-ERISA Attorney to assist with IRS & ERISA Penalty Letters.  


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