The people whom you might expect to be supporters of Obamacare often excoriate the paltry and pricy insurance they receive.

There are mornings like Tuesday’s on which I believe that the voters who put Donald Trump over the top may be just a little unclear on the issues. Not their fault, of course. It’s a busy world. However, let us take, for example, healthcare policy and the future of the Affordable Care Act. Two separate news items are illuminating on the subject. The first, courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, illustrates perfectly a strict constructionist view of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

The Gallup data, analyzed with the county typology from the American Communities Project, show that eight county types have seen increases in health insurance coverage greater than the national average. Six of those types — representing about 77 million people or 33 million votes, a quarter of the total cast — sided with Mr. Trump, some by very large margins.

Advocates for ObamaCare often dismiss this concern, stating their belief that the subsidies will be generous enough to ensure that the risk pool remains stable.


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