The conservative case against Obamacare can take a lot of different forms but it often focuses on the expansion of government regulation and spending.

As Republicans near their long-sought repeal of Obamacare, their battle with congressional Democrats entered a new phase Wednesday, with both parties vowing to convince Americans the other side is to blame if millions of people see their health care disrupted.

President Barack Obama huddled with Democrats to formulate a strategy that will inflict maximum political pain on Republicans as they move closer to a repeal vote — and encourage Americans whose health care may be disrupted to pin their problems on the GOP. Meanwhile, Vice President-elect Mike Pence held court with Republican lawmakers and pleaded with them to tell their constituents “the truth” — that Democrats are responsible for passing a broken law in the first place.

To begin with, ObamaCare often speaks of consumers, rather than citizens.


An Alternative for People Who Hate Obamacare

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